3D art with the 3Doodler 3D printing pen

The winner of 3Doodler’s 2015 Mixed Media Awards Paul Mahoney has created some innovative, inspiring and impressive pieces of art with the help of 3D printing pen. He has created a number of creations from animal sculptures to colorful mandalas and even a huge mixed media ship model, he has demonstrated the creative possibilities of the manufacturing technologies. He has also coined a new term for his artistic medium: Plastigraphy. 

3d pen art

Mahoney who is an artist from Calgary Alberta is new to the 3D printing pens and still has been impressing the 3Doodling community with his decorative and fun creations. He turned out to be a fast learned of the 3D printing technology but initially he struggled with the device making some sober and simple objects in the process of getting the hang of the 3D Doodler.  Even though he has learnt how to used the device Mahoney says that he discovers a new technique of using the pen every time he makes a new piece.

Mahoney also offers some tips and tricks for those that are still in the early stages of learning 3Doodling ones that he used in to overcome his challenges with the 3D printing pen. There are many problems that the makers face for the shape to remain exactly as it is when the plastic filament is extruded. For Flat planed pieces Mahoney used flat tiles as presses to keep the plane flat. Further he says that for three dimensional creations he suggests the us of  plastics changing qualities as a virtue. He says to work with the changes rather than workin against them.

3d pen art

In the process of makin his ship he says that he had to add enough layers of plastic untill the boats shape and size was constantly in flux. The boat took a few weeks to complete. He says, “I didn't even know if it would have 1, 2, or 3 masts until the hull was stabilized. And rigging was heavily influenced by learning to stay away from melting the other lines.”

Another masterpiece of him is the jungle cat wireframe sculpture. Mahoney used the Skeletor’s BattleCat model as a base to simply draw over the parts of it with the 3Doodler pen. He followed the natural motion of the device to get the impressing chain like texture. He later assembled the pieces together using the 3Doodler pen. Mastering the art of 3Doodler pen he explains that he is excited to to create any objects in his house.

3d pen art

He later explains that he wants to make a distinction between 3D printing and the 3D printing pen.  He further explains, “We don't print; we write and draw in plastic. In a sense, we are creating the illuminated manuscripts of a new era. There's certainly more to it than just painting in plastic. Once upon a time, calligraphy raised the printed symbol to a previously unknown level of artistry. That is what is happening today, done in plastic. I'm calling it Plastigraphy (like making a plastic 3d photograph). The play of line and shadows growing into previously unknown depths.” The 2015's Mixed Media Award winner for the amazing ship project and the legendary Doodler status Mahoney is further planning to work with the 3D printing pen and keep creating innovative pieces.

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