3D Print Raptors and Owl on your own to threat pigeons

For a change, let’s see about threatening pigeons and even other birds using 3d printed parts instead of watching and reading about how 3d printed parts saved animals, birds and even humans. Wondering why we should scare birds? After all, they are one among the beautiful creatures, but it won’t be the same feel for everyone, especially for those who has pigeons near their home, buildings, office would probably know what it can create: “A sanitary environment”.

Fancy pigeons

New York City A city which never sleeps is the top most place where the pigeons population is high. People are frustrated with pigeons droppings as they spoils the surface, roofs, cars and thinking to get rid of pigeons.

3d printed Raptor and Owl

Few people from CEX has created 3d printed birds that will threat pigeons fly out from your place. This might sound like an old method, but bringing them through your own 3d printer is always special since it can print on your own and you don’t have to buy from local shops. These 3d printed creatures will help you to maintain clean surroundings by keeping pigeons away (you know what it can do your car, balcony, top floor, window sills) and these scarecrows are strictly not for the who loves to have pigeons around your corner.

3d printed owl

“If you find that pigeons are plaguing your stoop, rooftop, or garden, you can print either one of our hawks or owls to keep them, and their ‘gifts,’ at bay.” Said CEO of CEL.

3d printed raptor

People tested the 3d printed Raptor found to be effective where not even one pigeon dare to come near even though they tested with some snacks for pigeons. So if you want birds not to visit your home, buildings then it’s high time for you to download the .stl files of Raptors and owl, print them and keep it where you wish.

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