3d print the Titanfall Atlas Mech action figure on your own

16 Mar

3d print the Titanfall Atlas Mech action figure on your own

In the past whatever we common people need from toys, accessories to engineering parts, we were running to the local stores if else we will buy through online ever since 3d printing got familiar things have changed and made even a common man with knowledge of 3d modeling or even without design knowledge they can print anything they want. In recent months we have seen many designers brought their designing to the real object through 3d printing.

3d-printed titanfall atlas mech action figure

Daniel Lilygreen from wales who is a designer has extensive knowledge in 3d modeling decided to 3d print the game character of the Atlas mech character from Titanfall game. Lilyfield want everyone to print his model in whatever size they need to print this Atlas. He printed this action figure which is 18 inches tall, with detailed exposure of the model.

3d printed atlas mech action figure

“The model itself was created in a 1:1 scale and, as you can see, it's almost as detailed as the in-game model”

“The fits between all the leg joints are very tight and the faces are going to be almost an interference fit so that the fiction stops the joints from moving while stationary.” said Lillygreen


Because of the very itemized surfacing that has been carried out in the Titanfall game, it was bit hard for him to bring it exactly, but still Lilyfield managed to print with great detail as you can see in the image. He made all the parts separately, including balls and joints so that it can be easily dismantled as well to assemble. Lillyfield wants it to be a user friendly print that everybody who is interested in printing Atlas mech character can print using their own 3d printer.

Image Credit:Titanfall

Chris Joel (Author)

3d print the Titanfall Atlas Mech action figure on your own
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