3D Print your unborn baby through ultrasound scans

01 Feb

3D Print your unborn baby through ultrasound scans

What is more needed than having a baby holding in our palms, especially for a woman it means everything. Estonia-based wolfprint 3d company has now taken 3d printing to next level in medical field. They began to 3d print of fetuses in womb, wondering how it is possible to print a baby while the women is still carrying the baby inside? Yes It is possible now with ultrasound scans and a plaster cast.

unborn baby face

In previous we have seen such 3d modeling and printing extracting from photos, scan, but this time around wolfprint 3d has planned to hit the market with detailed high quality full-color 3d prints that we have never seen before.

“We’re trying to create a very positive emotion for (expectant mothers) as a memory of this magical time, “The printed unborn baby is in full color to make them more real and the colors more vivid,” says Toke.” says Timmu Toke.

3d printed unborn baby face

The printer can scan the fetuses in womb partially and that's the only disadvantage it has and well they are working on it to provide full model of a baby. Ultrasound scan need to be uploaded to wolfprint for 3d printing of a baby face. All these can be printed using plastic, metal and wax in a ratio of 1:1. They have targeted doctors all over the world to get this printer and upload ultrasound scans to show the couples the print of the fetuses in womb and without any delay doctors have welcomed this as they have started to order this printer where price ranges between 200 and 300 euros.

3d printing has reached medical field a long before but the gradual growth it has been seeing is quite amazing.

Image Credit:Wolfprint 3D

Chris Joel (Author)

3D Print your unborn baby through ultrasound scans
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