3D print your own Wildlife camera kit

We live in strange times when more kids are admitted to hospital due to a fall from the bed rather than a tree. But are they to blame? We have cut down the trees and destroyed the nature to build a concrete jungle we know as towns and cities. All this to give us a comfortable lifestyle, but all we ever managed to achieve was to do is destroy the very fabric of nature and our relation with it. We have to stop all this and the only hope are our kids. We need to get them back to the nature, and unlike popular belief of extra caring parents they would really love it.

Wildlife Cam Kit

Stephen Moss naturalist, broadcaster and author once said "More kids today are interested in the natural world than ever before; they watch it on the telly, they may well visit a nature reserve or a National Trust site with their families. But far fewer are experiencing it directly, on their own or with their friends, and that's what counts: this is about more than nature."

Nature works as fuel for the Soul, and to make the kids go back to the nature a team of Makers from the Naturebytes has made a unique Do it yourself, Pi-powered wildlife camera that they have put up for Crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The Wildlife camera inspires the digital making skills and an exciting new insight into the natural world. Building the camera from scratch encourages ‘indoor’ learning activities and brings them outside with a focus on using the technologies with nature.

Wildlife Cam Kit

Wildlife Cam Kit, works on an open source Raspberry Pi platform and the weatherproof external housing has to be 3d printed. The Kit includes a Raspberry Pi, a battery pack, a Pi cam and an infrared sensor. The onboard Cameras are activated once an animal is in close proximity of the device. The opensource nature of the Kit means add on features can be added to the original unit. With add ons we could get Wifi and automatic uploads feature to the kit.

Wildlife Cam Kit

The company’s kickstater page mentions “Developing skills in computing, coding, 3D design & printing are rapidly increasing in importance, but fun and purposeful activities to do this are sadly lacking. People often blame technology and computers for inactivity and kids not getting outdoors but Naturebytes is taking a new approach. We take cool technology and combine it with the fascination of wildlife to inspire everyone to learn new skills and engage in purposeful community activities. We show people how technology and wildlife are good for one another, not enemies!”

Wildlife Cam Kit

Naturebytes is also selling a ‘Developer Kit’ version which allows design engineers to create their own Wildlife Cams using their own 3D printers and little Raspberry Pi know-how. The Company has already collected $10,000 of their $45,000 campaign goal at kickstater. The kits will be sent to people by November 2015.

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