3D printed 7 feet tall statue using polyurethane foam

01 Jun

3D printed 7 feet tall statue using polyurethane foam

It’s amazing to see individual approaches towards 3d printing over the past year, there has been so many innovations and creations using 3d printing technology. For a 3d printer its beauty totally relies on the quality of 3d print objects it delivers.

3d printed model using polyurethane foam?

We have seen so many 3d printing projects using many materials right from PLA to ABS and recently there has been so many filaments launched in market as nylon flexible PLA, wood hips and many more.

Cable suspended 3d printer?

Interestingly a team from Robotics Laboratory at Laval University has built a 7 feet tall statue of a 7th president Sir Wilfred Laurier of Canada using a cable-suspended 3d printer and the statue is not printed using plastics or metal but by utilizing polyurethane foam and shaving cream. Yes, you read it right this is very unusual and unique, which could possibly become a new material for printing.

To print this model they had to 3d model the statue, so they decided to use the statue from the museum to scan, the size of the model is just around 2 feet, but Eric Barnett and Clément Gosselin planned to 3d print at 7 feet tall, I’m not sure whether it was deliberately scaled up and 3d printed a 7 feet tall statue keeping in mind that he is the 7th president of Canada.

Once the scanning process got completed, they just printed the statue using their unique 3d printer. With the help of the extruder the flow started via nozzle to build the model, since the object size is large they split the model into three segments and finally they glued it together, and the unique part is about 23 liters of shaving cream they used in between the support material and the actual model.

Sir Wilfred Laurier model?

To complete Sir Wilfred Laurier model almost took one and half days and consumed nearly 275 liters of polyurethane and some 23 liters of shaving cream.

Image & Video credit:Laval University Robotics Laboratory

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3D printed 7 feet tall statue using polyurethane foam
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