New Remix 3D Printed Bluetooth Speaker and Headphone

16 Mar

New Remix 3D Printed Bluetooth Speaker and Headphone

Customized using 3D printed casings and details, a new remix of Bluetooth connected speaker and headphone amplifier has finally been released out by a Italian audio device manufacturer namely V-MODA. With added customization parts ranging from $40 to $370,000, the audio device that was uncovered this week is retailing for $300.

Unprecedented Level of Customization

In order to offer its clients with an unprecedented level of customization for its audio products, the well-known Milano-based V-MODA started with the 3D printing first in the year 2015. Later on, V-MODA found that additive manufacturing could lift up the value of their electronics thereby making customized luxury shields and caps for its headphones and ear buds unlike that of many other 3D printing applications which use the technology to cut back on costs.

With the introduction of the company’s latest product, the customers will now not only be able to deck out their speakers but will also be able to personalize their personal audio devices as well.


Further a statement about the new product was being issued by Val Kolton – the CEO of V-MODA that after the development of the critically acclaimed headphones, the remix of the V-MODA sound into a new form has to be evolved. Having headphones with their world-renowned sound, materials and personalization, he further quoted that the speaker should too excel at the same vision thereby achieving the same goals.

For those who might be wondering about customizing a portable speaker using 3D printing, the jewelry-grade 3D printing expertise of V-MODA can be made used for creating personalized plating and housings for the Remix speakers in a variety of materials ranging from a lightweight matte fiber, to steel, raw brass, bronze, sterling silver, 14k gold plated, rhodium, 14k gold and platinum.

According to Kolton

According to Kolton, it is now possible to endorse yourself with the help of V-MODA rather than the manufacturer brand. Furthermore, this choice has become extremely popular owing to the staff of technologists, musicians, gamers and audiophiles.

Compactly designed, this remix speaker with dimensions of 205 x 65 x 68 mm can easily be adjusted on your desk and can also be used while travelling. Featuring Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in microphone, and pairing with other speakers such as Amazon’s Alexa, this Remix further offers the users the ten hours of wireless playback when fully charged.

Video Credit:V-MODA/ You tube

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New Remix 3D Printed Bluetooth Speaker and Headphone
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