3D Printed bones helped murderer to spend his time in prison

04 May

3D Printed bones helped murderer to spend his time in prison

We are living in a technological world and this technology has made our life easier, safer than ever before by the means of transportation, communication, to medical facilities we have been seeing a real rapid growth which is good thing in any circumstances. When it comes to crime it is now almost impossible to escape from the punishment.

Murder case?

With the help of technologies such as talking surveillance camera systems, latest technological cars, CCTV cameras, tracking credit card usage, cell phone tracking software, electronic whiteboards, radios, laser, thermal imaging and many more technologies have been helping out the police departments, detectives and judges to determine the justice.

3d printed bones?

And now it’s time for 3d printing technology to play its part in bringing out justice and it comes as no surprise as we all know the ability of the 3d printing technology. A man was killed brutally by his own roommate, Lorenzo Simon is the culprit who did this murder thought that he can escape quite easily by executing few plans which was ridiculous and height of stupidity.


After killing Michael, he cut the body into pieces, packed them in a suitcase, dropped somewhere in the water passage, and the culprit burned some of the bones behind their home which meant to be the turning point of the case. The detectives decided to approach the university of Warwick in order to prove that the body parts found in the seaway and the bones found in drum belong to Michael.

3d scanned bones?

Once the case was explained to the professionals over there at university of Warwick took scans of all the bones which were helpful for detectives to examine the bones in detail. Just scanning wasn’t enough as they need to prove and demonstrate in front of judges, they need physical objects that fit one another, so the experts 3d printed the scanned objects which were found to be an impeccable fit with each other.

Burned bones?

Thanks to 3d scanning and 3d printing technology the suspect found guilty of murder and now spending is his time in jail.

Image credit:University of Warwick

Chris Joel (Author)

3D Printed bones helped murderer to spend his time in prison
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