3D printed ceiling mount that amends Amazon Echo listening

29 Apr

3D printed ceiling mount that amends Amazon Echo listening

Since its release in 2015 the Amazon Echo smart speaker has been a huge, and is found in thousands of kitchens and living rooms. The device looks like a 9.25-inch-tall cylinder and has a seven-piece microphone array. It responds to the wake word “Alexa” and can be replace with the word Amazon or Echo. It is capable of playback music, voice interactions, making the to-do-list, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audio books, and providing weather updates and other real time information. It also has the ability to control several smart devices. It is one of the popular devices as it has a 360-degree sound projection. Enterprise Redditor called had a very interesting idea to remove the smart speaker taking place on the table. He has created a 3D printed ceiling that is convenient enough for echo and is further designing its ceiling on Etsy.

3D printed ceiling mount?

The 3Dprinted ceiling eliminates the problem of360 degree surround sound. It gives you a full new experience with the surround sound as if projects sound from every angle. You just have to place it in the centre of the room but it still gives you the feeling of constantly moving around. Most importantly Alan achieved the idea that the true and natural habitat of the voice active speaker is right about our heads. Thus he decided to place the speaker somewhere over the ceiling. Another most important advantage of placing it over the ceiling is that it will enhance voice-activation properties because no objects will be blocking the sound waves. Alan further says, “I used to have issues with her not hearing me or needing me to repeat myself. The difference was immediately obvious and I don't think I can ever go back.” The only drawback of the 3D printed ceiling is that the privacy button will probably be out of reach.

The 3Dprinted mount was developed by the enterprise maker on his own 3D printer and later shared its results on Reddit. The mount is very handy and can be attached to any surface.  “The mount allows for use in various configurations; ceiling mounted, on a wall, securely mounted to a counter-top (theft protection), etc. It can be adjusted to hold the Echo at any point on the trunk, allowing the speaker portion to be hidden behind a wall with only the microphone/ring showing,” he explained.

With the overwhelming response Alan has decided to organize a special Etsy web shop that is dedicated for the Echo mount. These 3D printed mounts are available for jusr 25$ and in three different colors. Also you can contact the makers if you want a custom mount designed for yourself. Apart from this Aan is also selling a3D printed mount for the Amazon Dot, the Echo’s cousin which can be connected to external speakers. Music lovers will surely love this idea of the 36o degree surround sonund device ideal of parties get-to-gethers, etc.

Image Source:Isaac Frankhauser

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3D printed ceiling mount that amends Amazon Echo listening
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