3D Printed Ceramic cups printed by Nervous System 3D

03 Jun

3D Printed Ceramic cups printed by Nervous System 3D

There are many skeptics of the 3D Printing technology that object to it being called the disruptive technology, but we enthusiast have more than a few reasons to call it so. We have seen that 3d printing has been able to change the way we think about the age old manufacturing processes and today we have yet another reason to celebrate the versatility of this amazing technology.

Use of Ceramics and pottery is one of the oldest industries on the planet. Archeologist have found artifacts which are dated back to 24,000 BC, these artifacts are animal and human figurines were made from clay and other materials and prepared the only way we knew that is by firing it in kilns partially dug into the ground.

3D Printed Ceramic cups?

These processes of making ceramic utensils and toys have passed on from generations to generations and we have just increased the production capacities by replacing the manual labor with machines. While the whole process is fool proof and time tested, there is a problem with it.

The designs made using the old way limits itself, extreme geometric designs and complex patterns cannot be made using Ceramics, but this limitation can now be overcome using 3d printing ceramics.

Nervous System, the company now famous for its 3D printed kinematics dresses has shown us how to do it. The company recently ventures into making 3d printed ceramics with Tethon 3D’s new material called Porcelite.

Porcelite is a Ceramic porcelain resin which can work with most SLA, DLP or other UV printer technology. Tethon made huge buzz by announcing the product on kickstater and was able to collect around $27000 to produce the material. The company claimed that once the parts are printed using Porcelite upon kiln firing, it transforms to a 100% porcelain object suitable for glazing or other finishes.

3D Printed Ceramic cups?

The product is now finally under production and is selling on their website for $200 for a liter of ceramic resin. Nervous System’s founder Jesse Louis-Rosenberg got personally interested in this new 3d printing material and set out to test it. His venture with the material has resulted in a breathtaking porcelain cups which shows glimpses of the design studio’s distinctive scientific flair.

The 3D Printed cup thus produces has the famous cellular structures, but also ensures heat insulation, so while the drink inside the cup it hot the cup itself remains cool.

Jesse Louis-Rosenberg  who seemed proud of this new material and his Cellular cup said, “We wanted to explore ceramic designs that really required the use of 3D-printing and would be nearly impossible to make any other way, even by hand. We were also interested in playing with the idea of double walled chambers or heat sinks for insulating properties… We designed a series of cups surrounded by intricate cellular network. These shapes are not only being beautiful and functional, but are also self-supporting for the printing and firing processes.”

Making such integrate design pattern was never going to be easy, and it had its down sides as per the blog on the Nervous System’s website. However the results are breathtaking and beautiful.

3D Printing yet again set to disrupt yet another production technique!!

Image Source: Nervous System

Chris Joel (Author)

3D Printed Ceramic cups printed by Nervous System 3D
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