3d printed colorful bicycle using Wanhao 3d printer

31 Mar

3d printed colorful bicycle using Wanhao 3d printer

By knowing or without knowing we have Chinese products in our home, by means of electronics and other item. Some might think that I’m using my very own country made product and not using Chinese one, but you know what if you look into parts of the product you will come to know at least one item will be from China, each and manufacturers prefer Chinese items in their products, but finding quality items is what matters the most.


China has succeeded in every technology they have involved, including 3d printing technology, they have made imaginations come true, impossible to possible by building 3d printed Vilas, cars, bikes, that too in a quick time. They have quality but affordable 3d printers that can bring amazing results just like costly 3d printer does, one such 3d printer is Wanhao 3d printer.

We have seen many quality 3d prints from the manufacturer of wanhao as well from customer side. In a recent talent fair show in their country, a Chinese person amazed all the visitors of the show by presenting a colorful 3d printed bicycle, The man took some days to print all the parts in different colors to make it attractive.

3d printed bicycle

Mr. Mei was the man behind this creation, using Wanhao Duplicator D5S mini 3d printer, a high quality 3d printer at a very affordable rate of $1,200 USD, this printer has the ability to print at a layer resolution from 20 microns, and comes with various features. Mr. Mei decided to print a bicycle using different colors such as orange, pink, green , black, purple. The seat of the bicycle and tires were made up of flexible filaments for better experience and while other parts are tough.


The bicycle is not to showcase or model, It actually works well and can carry human weight just like other bicycles. Mr. Mei is a common man and hasn’t revealed any plan to hit the market. 3d printed bicycle has made him an overnight star.

Image Credit:Wanhao3dPrinter

Chris Joel (Author)

3d printed colorful bicycle using Wanhao 3d printer
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