3D Printed Contact Lenses with LED Display

Researchers at the University of Washington have announced that they have managed to include an LED display in a contact lens, a breakthrough that could exceed the capabilities of the Google Glass. Still it is not more than a prototype, since by the time this "LED display" has the size of a pixel, but its researchers have already indicated that they will show much more data, as for example the email.

3d printed lens

Despite the novelty of the University of Washington, This institution is not the only one who is working on this concept, already the University of Ghent in Belgium did that and tried to introduce a LCD screen.

To achieve this feat, the University of Washington have used a 3D printer to develop smaller parts, including the screen, and it can be all layers on a small disk of polymer. Its such a 3d printer capable of producing quantum dots. According to the researchers, what comes out of the machine is a LED that is reduced to its minimum expression, without bulb, without plastic. It is only as one of the pixels of a screen OLED. It consists of a transmitter layer (composed of quantum dots or nanocrystals of certain materials, such as cadmium selenide), which is placed between the other two layers, one of them brings electrons and the other accepts them. The set is ultra-thin, flexible and virtually transparent.

3d printed lens

Finally this 3D printer, which costs $20,000, unites all the layers of the lens with an adhesive layer that is activated with ultraviolet light. How bad is, that although this technology may seem incredible, their high costs do not make it feasible for the moment.

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