3D Printed Deadpool Bubble Breezer on Instructable

17 Nov

3D Printed Deadpool Bubble Breezer on Instructable

3D printing enthusiast Britt Michelsen, who is a chemical engineer as well as an avid comics fan, has utilized 3D printing technology to create a well-ordered Deadpool-themed knife block for his kitchen. On his Instructables account, he shared a suitable how-to guide, containing guidelines for other fun projects like a Harley Quinn baseball bat pepper shaker, and Thor’s hammer toilet brush. This time he has modified a bubble toy to make it look like the Marvel hero.

Why did Michelsen Plan to Create a few Adjustments to the Toy Model?

The Deadpool Bubble Breezer is mainly based on the BUB-L Breezer toy that Michelsen had found on Amazon. However, after witnessing bad user reviews, he planned to create a few visual and functional adjustments to it. He needed to design the generic novelty figure in a way that it actually looks like Deadpool. For this, he was required to change its head. He cut off the original head of it and discovered a model for a Deadpool head on Thingiverse – a 3D design sharing platform.

3 several sizes were printed to analyze which one fitted the best. Thanks to 3D printing technology that it offered easy printing along with inexpensive materials. Adhesive epoxy putty Quiksteel was utilized to fasten the new head to the body.

How did Michelsen redesign this Toy Model? Brief the Process.

Michelsen redesigned various other features of the body using modeling clay. The skin of the Deadpool character was made in clay. Several paint types were also used to finish its look. Once he was done with the look of Deadpool character, the hobbyist went on to twist various characteristics of the bubble toy’s mechanism. He mostly replaced or improved the components with the help of 3D printing technology. An improved slider and connector were 3D printed for the arm mechanism so that the toy could run more smoothly. He also planned and printed an airflow adapter to make more consistent bubbles. One can download all STL files for these components on the Instructables page.  

Which 3D Printer has been Used to Create the necessary Parts of the Replica of Deadpool character?

Michelsen used an Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer to create all the essential parts. The 3D printer was extended with a 0.4 mm nozzle and a 0.1 mm layer height, and PLA filament was initially used for the extrusion. After discovering this material to be too hard, Michelsen used Carbonfil. However, he ended up having the similar problem. Ultimately, he settled on FormFutura’s highly durable PETG filament.

Image Credits : Britt Liv from Instructables.com

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3D Printed Deadpool Bubble Breezer on Instructable
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