3D printed Elastic band-powered Cirin Remote Control Car

28 Jan

3D printed Elastic band-powered Cirin Remote Control Car

If you ask your kid, what’s your favorite toy? They would probably reply back a remote car or a helicopter. That’s somehow inspired millions of kids all over the world. And now students from the Pasadena-based Art Center College of Design created 3d printed elastic remote control car.

3d printed RC Car2?

Max Greenberg, Sameer Yeleswarapu and Ian Cullimore together created a remote control car for this generation kids, which certainly make them feel exciting and fascinating. Naming it as “The Cirin” they designed this car based on mid 1950’s race model cars.

3d printed rc car

“We focused on creating a vehicle that would combine all of our past engineering education with the sculpture and industrial design skills we have acquired at art center,” stated Greenberg. “We drew inspiration from mid 1950’s formula 1 cars as well as the truss structures found inside the bones of a birds wing. these structure are both light and rigid, ideal properties for the car we wanted to design.”

3d printer race car

The Cirin car is fully made up of nylon plastic, 3d printed completely using SLS machine which made the car more strong as well light, Concealed away in its body is a 16-foot long flexible band, that needs to be solidly wound up with a force device. It comes with a battery for brake control, steerings and for WIFI. This device is capable of traveling at 30 miles per hour now that’s an awesome feature of the cirin remote control car.

Image Credit:Max Greenberg

Chris Joel (Author)

3D printed Elastic band-powered Cirin Remote Control Car
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