3D Printed Eyewear with Fuel3D's latest 3D scanning mirror

Oxford-based 3D scanning innovator Fuel3D has recently unveiled its 3D scanning mirror intended to help customers get the perfect shape and fit for their customized eyewear. Considering the fact that buying the perfect eyewear can be a bit tricky, Fuel3D’s 3D scanning mirror developed in partnership with eyewear tech company Sfered will help buyers to choose the most appropriate glasses for their face without any hassles. Capable of collecting facial data within 0.1 seconds, the 3D scanner supports the “deployment and fitting of custom eyewear.”

3D Printed Eyewear with Fuel3D

People often tend to overlook the importance of choosing the perfect fit for their eyewear and concentrate on its style instead. This can however have some adverse ramifications as ill-fitting glasses can not only lead to a lot of discomfort around the head and ears but even affect vision. Custom eyewear can solve the problem of the fitting but then you might have to compromise on the style and whether it suits your face or not. The mirror-based 3D scanning system designed by Sfered and Fuel3D promises to resolve both these issues, rendering considerable advantage to the buyers. 

Some of the appreciable features of this innovative 3D system include precise facial scanning that allows seamless collection of the metrics required for custom fitting in a single scan and high speed of data capturing including nose bridge width, pupillary distance, distance to ear and facial width. Apart from calculating the most accurate frame size, this system will also provide access to Sfered’s frames database, allowing opticians to fit frames virtually in the future for better customer experience. Frame manufacturers would be able to upload their catalogs for virtual 3D fittings, thus enhancing customer experience. The frames would be made to order and each customer will know exactly how the frame will look on their face.

3D Printed Eyewear with Fuel3D

Initial Testing and Expected Commercialization by End of 2016

Monoqool, the Danish eyewear designer company that specializes in 3D laser printed polyamide frames has been the first one to use this system, presenting it in the world’s foremost eyewear trade show SILMO. Allan Petersen, CEO of monoqool commented, “Customized eyewear is a great tool for independent opticians and optometrists as they increasingly compete with the large chains.”

Revolutionary in its very concept, the 3D scanner is currently being tested in some selected optical retail stores across Europe (during summer time) and will be available for sale by the end of 2016.

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