3D printed feet aids Philip the duck to walk again

21 Apr

3D printed feet aids Philip the duck to walk again

3D printed prosthetics has helped many animals to walk again and live a easier life. A duck named Philip has been given a new life with the 3D printed legs. Philip, lives in Oshkosh Wisconsin has lost both its feet due to frostbite. Animal lover Vicki-Rabe-Harrison found him and decided to seek out help for him. Even though she took good care of the duck it could not get him to walk properly. When Rabe-Harrison couldn’t help the duck and finally decided to put Philip down.

3D printed feet to the philip duck

She had also scheduled for an appointment with the Vet for the procedure, soon Rabe-Harrison got an important call. It was a call from Mr. Jischke who is an engineering teacher at South Park Middle School, he informed Rabe-Harrision that he was making a set of 3D printed plastic prosthetic feet using the school’s new 3D printer. Listening to the new Rabe-Harrison was all overjoyed with the thought of Philip benig saved and immediately cancelled the vet appointment and took Philip to Mr. Jischke.

Mr. jischke had designed a pair of 3D printed prosthetic but unfortunately they were not perfect for Philip. The duo then decided to work together to design perfect prosthetics for Philip and spent the next six weeks finding better solutions. Eventually they settled on a set of orange 3D printed feet that fitted the duck and were made of NinjaFlex filament and took around 36 hours to print.

When Philip was first fitted with the 3D printed feet Rabe-Harrison was too eager to see him walking and moving around. But he quickly took upon with the prosthetics at first stumbling and later gaining his foot. Rabe-Harrison describes his first walk with the prosthetics, “He picked it up real fast, and I’m sure he’ll learn to balance again and be able to waddle around with all the other ducks.”

3D printed feet to the philip duck?

With the new life that Philip has got now he is moved into his new home at Autumn Farm Animal Sanctuary. The place is run by Alyssa Herbst and her husband Brandon Herbst explains, “It’s really important to us that we give exceptional care to each of our animals in our sanctuary.” It is run with the help of number of volunteers and includes many types of animals in the sanctuary like chickens, sheep, goats, ponies and ducks.

Philip will be having a safe home here, where there will volunteers who will be taking care of him. Apart from the 3D printed feet made by Mr. Jischke , the Herbst’s are further hoping to get more permanent solution for Philip’s feet. With the help of the engineering department of the college they want to give Philip more better quality of life. Rabe-harrison is thankful to Mr. Jischke and 3D printing technology as it helped Philip to live a better quality of life.

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3D printed feet aids Philip the duck to walk again
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