3D printed figurine of the deceased daughter

12 May

3D printed figurine of the deceased daughter

3Dprinted models are a great way of capturing the fun moments as a real model instead of photographs videos and etc. The 3Dselfie booths produce 3D printed full-body and full-color figurines intended to replicate the 3D models of people. The latest news is that a Japanese father 3Dprinted a model of her dead daughter to show how the 3D model can help to provide solace to mourning families. A father from city of Zentsuji, Kagawa Prefecture, lost his daughter in a car accident in the year 2014. Roice Entertainment created a 3D printed model of Miku which let her father find solace in a figurine that is a replica of Miku as he remembers her with full of life and happiness with a big smile and open arms.

Every parent fears for the lives of their child and so did Miku’s parents. In 2014, the eleven year old Miku who was on her way back home after school and was hit by a car whose driver was under the influence of drugs. Soon after her arrival at the hospital Miku was pronounced dead even though she was immediately taken to the hospital. After Miku’s death her father tried to carry on his nomal life but the incident did continue to follow him in an out of his mind. Fortunately one day he visited this 3Drinted figurine store and established a possible solution.

3D printed figurine of the deceased daughter?

While in this case a 3D scan was not possible, Miku’s father was told by the assistant at the store that he could rather use four of Miku’s photographs for the 3D printing. Her father took many photos of his daughter to the store, they were unwilling to help him.  According to the shop owners they felt that the 3Dprinters would not be able to capture her emotions and expressions and it wasn’t a good used to make a model of the given pictures.  Miku’s father did not loose hope and did visit many other 3D printing stores but were still reluctant to help him whereas Miku’s face was clear enough in the photographs.

Eventually he came in contact with the Osaka-based Roice Entertainment. It is a 3D printing specialist provider that printed urns that are based on photographs of the deceased. This Japanese based company was very happy to help the father to make her daughter’s 3D model. President of the Roice Entertainment Koichi Furusho said, “I didn’t think it would be possible but we accepted the order because we felt it was important.” Also they had the experience of working with nothing more than photos and sketches for the urns.

Making the figurine was quite a challenge for the team at Roice Entertainment and took a few months to execute. Initially the Roice team imaged Miku from every angle and then produced various prototypes for the father. On taking a look at the prototypes the father did recall for a number of corrections several time for a good figurine. The president Furusho also called for some of his feedback that incorporated “the forehead should be smaller” and “the eyes should be close-set.” A year after Miku’s death the exclusive figurine was all ready. When it was finally presented to Miku’s father he was overwhelmed nad his eyes were filled with tears and had become emotional while gazing at the model. “I never imagined it could bring us this much relief. This figure makes me feel her presence more than a picture, so I often end up talking to her.”Miku’s father told Japantimes.

“The cost is really high but we’re going to accept orders from anyone who needs our service,” Furusho further explained. Rocie Entertainment believes that this is what they exactly they are trying to bring back for the families. Since its start the Roice Entertainment have already bought itself almost 50 orders as it provides their 3Dprinting services for the deceased mostly from parents that had lost their child. Their pricing for a 20 cm tall figure costs around ¥108,000 (almost $1000 USD). “We had not imagined that with 3D printing technology we would be able to bring such relief to people. We want to continue to help,” Furusho added. Miku’s father was very happy to see his daughter smiling with the open arms as it reminds of her memories and was mesmerized by the 3Dprinted model of Miku.

Image Credit:KYODO

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3D printed figurine of the deceased daughter
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