3D Printed Figurines at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

Over the past year or so we have been reporting about different applications of 3D Printing technology, and it gives us immense pleasure to keep you updated about how people are using this technology in their own sweet way. Today we are here again to tell you about another instance where 3d printing has been used to add a unique flavor to the way people can be present and showcase things.

Today’s news comes from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin where a designer called Michael Michalsky, famous for being the Adidas’ Worldwide Creative Director from 1995-2006 and also (the founder of the high fashion label MICHALSKY) has used 3d printing in a very unique way. He has made a miniature ramp which showcases his year’s work using 3D printed figurines (also known as 3D Selfies).

3D Printed Figurines Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

Although the Idea of miniaturizing fashion mannequins is certainly not a new one, it was being used even in the 17th century where fashion designers used to carry it to royal courts over the world to sell their work. But the art was kind of lost with the fast paced life of the post industrialization era. Michael Michalsky has kind of revived the art but with the use of cutting edge 3D printing technology.

The artist has named this Exhibit as “Reality” which is running at the Anna Jill Lüpertz Gallery in Berlin. The exhibit features 15, 3d printed figurines posing in this year’s collection which were also displayed at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. This unique exhibit would be available for public viewing until 29th of January.

3D Printed Figurines Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

Michael Michalsky’s adventures with 3d printing began when he took up the role of being a creative expert at Düsseldorf based 3D printing tech company, DOOB GROUP AG. For people who are not aware about DOOB – It’s a German company that makes and sells one of the world’s most advanced scanning booths and also specializes in making full color 3d printed figurines.

Michalsky said about his association with DOOBS, “Printing in 3D is a future technology, which already has influences fashion and will carry weight more and more in future. This is what fascinates me and I’m really excited about working together. I love and accept the challenge to merge technology with innovation and design and to relaunch the company’s optical appearance in public,”

3D Printed Figurines Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

Michael Michalsky kind of joins in the list of ever growing brand ambassadors of the 3d Printing technologies. And he certainly is no small name in the fashion industry as he has been a part of the Berlin Fashion Week with its big red carpet opening events and has worked with mega stars like Lady Gaga and Marina and the Diamonds. His reputation and authority in the industry would only help others from the fashion industry adopt the technology and increase its acceptability.

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