3D Printed hand helps a Chinese Kid ride his bike again

24 Nov

3D Printed hand helps a Chinese Kid ride his bike again

I have always had the opinion that 3D Printed Prosthetics are an amazing development for the disabled members of our world population. It is cheaper to make and easier to assemble when compared to conventional prosthetics, the only issue I see with them is that their availability can be a big hurdle for some. But with groups like Enable and Funmove are working relentlessly in the field of research, development and distribution of these 3D Printed prosthetics and their efforts seem to have paid off and their availability is certainly becoming easier.

We keep getting happy news of how 3D Printed prosthetics have helped people get a new life, and we feel proud to share every one of this news with you guys. Today’s story comes from Wuhan, Hubei Province China where a young Chinese boy lost list hand a few years ago when his hand had to amputated due to burn injuries.

The accident that happened two years ago, took away a part of the kids childhood. The loss was irreplaceable and really heartbreaking for the child’s family and the doctors who did the operation. The doctors from the Wuhan Third Hospital Burn Rehabilitation which did the child’s operation decided to give the child a new hope in the form of a 3D Printed Hand.

3D Printed hand helps a Chinese Kid

The parents were informed that he would be the burn victim to receive this kind of hand he would be able to grab and grasp things once again. Professor Wei-guo Xei lead the team of doctors who set out to help the child, he took the measurement of the hand and the data was used to make the 3D Printed prosthetics. The Final 3D Printed hand was later wrapped in an outer layer of fabric that looks like true skin color.

The Hospital has today released Images of the child being able to ride a bike with the help of the 3D Printed prosthetics. We were moved with the images and hope that needy people from all across the globe get access to 3D Printing technology and prosthetics. It is said that “A child's smile is worth more than all the money in the world." And we are glad that 3D Printing is used to bring back smiles on people’s faces.

Image Credit: Imaginechina&REX Shutterstock

Chris Joel (Author)

3D Printed hand helps a Chinese Kid ride his bike again
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