3d printed Hydra-Guard for players to stay hydrated

Being hydrated is important in summer; we need to consume plenty of water. On the normal, water makes up 60 - 70% of your body weight. The reach is because of the way that diverse cells contain distinctive measures of water. Muscle cells, for instance, are 70-75% water though fat cells are just 10-15% water. Accordingly, a strong person will have a bigger rate of his/her body weight originating from water.

Joseph Tucker

When we workout in gym or while playing outdoor games our muscles generate heat which eventually ends in loss of water in blood through sweat which will lead to dehydration. Some symptoms of the dehydration are fatigue, loss of appetite, flushed skin, heat intolerance, dry cough and even dark color urine. In 2012 while participating in marathon training, Joseph Tucker faced dehydration on regular basis that pushed him to invent the Hydra-Guard which will keep players hydrated while playing in the middle of the game. What is more interesting for us is the Hydra-Guard completely made up of 3dprinter.

3d printed hydra guard

The 3d printed mouth guard comes with pouch that can carry liquids up to 18 ml. The structure of the Hydra- Guard is simple and efficient one for players to use; if players start to feel thirsty or dehydrated, they can simply press the pouch using tongue that will enable the liquid to release. This will enable players not carry water bottle all the time.

3d printed hydra guard

“We're pushing it from the sidelines onto the field and giving those athletes the ability to hydrate while they're in the game,” told Tucker.

This 3d printed Hydra-Guard invented by Tucker is gift to all players. This mouth guard will be released in the mid summer, a perfect time for players to use. Tucker has planned to release at an affordable price tag of $34.99. Already it has been receiving positive response from sports players, 3d printing has once again proves its ability towards bringing innovation into the market.

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