3d printed inverted face that acts as an optical illusion

25 Mar

3d printed inverted face that acts as an optical illusion

It’s very interesting to see how the 3d printer users are coming up with their creative ideas and exploring things in the world. In the past week we have seen many interesting creations from creators who are nobody before and suddenly rocking with their stunning prints.


David Hagemann from Germany is a designer, a video game developer for Toco Games. David is not new to 3d printing in fact, he has done marvelous with 3d printing in the past as well, some of his notable works are 3d printed palm tree that can hold fruits in your kitchen and created a new little toy named Linkling a barrel of monkeys. David is addicted to 3d printing just like kids addicted in playing video games.

This time around, he creates the illusion of face, but how could it be possible done using 3d printer, here were his experience played a crucial part, he decided to create 3d printed inverted face. Initially, he faced few problems in creating the illusion, but the final output was simply amazing that will surely surprise you. Simply David aimed to create a two-sided 3d printed face that should look similar, though it might look very simple, the concept is a challenging one to create in a 3d printer.

3d printed inverted face

In the first version the steep hole which acts as an inverted nose was thick and elevated that caused Shadow casting. In order to reduce the shadow which affects the illusion he 3d printed inverted face ion moreover thin and flat using ABS plastic, and guess what it really worked well and avoided the maximum shadow from the steep hole. He also found that the 3d printed inverted face worked well when it was under the light.

“I ended up smoothing steep facial features, which was mainly the nose, and squashing the whole face to be more flat,” Hagemann tells us. “This way it hardly overlapping when viewing it and it only very little shadow casting inside. I printed a very thin version in natural ABS which came out surprisingly well.”

This illusion is not for the one who knows the depth of illusion, but for ordinary people like me it will certainly impress to create one.

Image & Video Credit:3dPrint.com

Chris Joel (Author)

3d printed inverted face that acts as an optical illusion
Chris Joel is a writer at 3D Printers Online Store. Hailing from South London, he has a degree in English Literature. His interests include the application of 3D printing technology to art and its popularization.