3D printed Iron Man Hulkbuster suit

30 Jan

3D printed Iron Man Hulkbuster suit

3d printing made common people to bring the dream to reality. We have been seeing many science fiction, robotic movies for decades and wearing them in reality is not possible unless you have high quality 3d printer more over designing skill. James Bruton a cosplay costume designer always seek to create new designs which is not quite possible for everyone.

3d printed Hulkbuster suit

James Bruton in the past has created many complex parts for Cosplay costumes, at very affordable cost as we all knew how 3d printing can save money. James Bruton has designed various complicated costumes using his dual extruder 3d printer like iron man, Star Wars parts and many more and his majority of his costumes are based on wood and plastic. He also runs a website xrobots where he shares his ideas and design. This time around James has come with an ongoing process of making an Iron Man Hulkbuster suit and explained in depth of the complex parts designing and making of a costume.

3D printed arm

First of all Bruton created a sketch using Autodesk where he focused to create a suit that is both unsupported and stand on its own, vigorously automated with heaps of gadgets and 3d printed mechanical parts. Bruton intention is to create a costume that should perform well in practical life thus he ensured to design according to that by creating a locked joints to climb into the costume, height, easy control for the wearer to walk in the outfit, as hinges and springs are fixed. Suspension and tying of arms for characteristic appearance. In an electronic section he made sure to add joystick, WI-Fi hotspot, and remote control for users to access the parts of the costume.

Bruton has explained each every parts assembly procedure on its own pages. The process still going on and hopefully he will complete and release it soon, here’s the latest video link that explain us in detail.

Image Credit:xrobots.co.uk

Chris Joel (Author)

3D printed Iron Man Hulkbuster suit
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