3D printed Manatee skeleton parts to display at the museum

09 Mar

3D printed Manatee skeleton parts to display at the museum

Manatees also known as sea cow lives near the surface of the water. The weight of the manatees is usually 350 kilogram to 600 Kilogram, although the manatees are huge and strong, due to lack of protective fat it contains sea cows can’t adapt to the change in water temperature, so manatees always prefer to stay near the surface with warm water.


A female Caribbean manatee back in 2005 got injured by a watercraft but luckily it was rescued and hand it over to the Columbus Zoo where they gave treatment and kept keep going for couple of years, In the year of 2007 Willoughby died since she had cervical cancer, yes you read it right even animals are getting this dreadful disease. The zoo keepers kept her skeleton safe for research, and it was worth enough as the Andy a graduate who worked part-time as the manager of a raccoon fertility project in that Columbus zoo got an opportunity to work on Willoughby skeleton.

Manatee 3d printed part

Andy got very few of her parts which was not enough to display in the Tetrapod Collection at the Ohio State University Museum of Biological Diversity, so he and his team including his wife, sister, and a group of students decided to print the missing parts using 3d printer.

In the OSU engineering school they used a 3d printer to print the missing parts, it took some 7 to 8 complete days to print the missing parts such as shoulder blade, jaw bone and many more. They successfully managed to print all the parts and assembled the manatee.

manatee 3d printed part

We have seen many 3d printed skeletons in museum all around the world and this manatee skeleton will be one among them.

Image Source:3d Industry

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3D printed Manatee skeleton parts to display at the museum
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