3d printed model of Bucegi Truck Models

We are blessed to be living in the age of 3D printing as almost every day we get to see something amazing being built using it. While some use it to make products which have the potential for the future while there are others using it to preserve the past. We have seen people using 3d printers to recreate or replicate the heritage structures and famous statues from the museums. We think it works as a great tool to teach our next gen about the glorious past of our ancestors and just like we have personal computers in every home, student should have access to a personal printer.


Today we would like to tell you about Arin Panait, a 52 year old man who lives in a small town of called Slobozia in Romania. He is an innovator, tinker and a maker and loves replicating technology from the past with 3D printing and eventually wants to setup a museum so that people can reconnect with the old technologies. His Idea for a museum came from the love he has for a Truck called ‘Bucegi’.


Bucegi was a truck based on a Ford Y-block pattern V8 gasoline engine of 140 HP, the first SR-131 truck was produced in the summer of 1960. In the five years a lot of trucks have been produced, including military vehicle, long vehicle, tip-lorry and crane. Arin Panait said he had one of these when he was young and he was in love with it.

Arin’s love was so strong for the Bucegi truck was so great that he tried to recreate the model of the truck using Microsoft Train Simulator. Then around a year ago one of his friends got a 3d printer and they all decided to join hands in the quest of reviving the old Bucegi truck series. This joint venture has resulted in 22 Bucegi trucks being 3d printed by them.

Talking about 3d printing and his introduction to it Arin said “I’ve been fortunate to have friends who helped me use the new technology and helped me with creating 3D models. This way an old dream of mine came true–modeling of the old Bucegi Romanian truck.” Talking about his efforts to build a digital model of Bucegi with Microsoft Train simulator he said “Years ago, playing Microsoft Train Simulator, I modelled the trucks as 3D digital models using the software. I’ve tried many times to replicate real models with resin and stuff, but nothing was satisfactory until I started using the 3D printing technology.”


Arin have announced a crowd funding campaign on Indigogo, and plans to raise money to fund and focusing on 3D modeling and 3D printing. He plans to raise $5,000 USD with the campaign and the backer will get the STL files of the Bucegi truck in return.

Talking about the Crowd Campaign Arin said “All the perks are the same, no matter the contribution. Although the Indiegogo platform is mainly used by startups and businesses, I do not see my Indiegogo campaign as a business. If I wanted to make money, I would have sold the models on Shapeways or similar places for a fixed price; however, I only need a way to focus on designing new stuff for 3D printing and later creating my museum, and nothing more. It’s up to you to decide how much value and happiness my models bring to you and for you to contribute accordingly on the campaign.”


Each backer will get STL files for the Gasoline Peco Tanker, SR 113 Long Lorry Truck and SR 115 Tractor Truck. So if you share Airn’s passion to preserve the past, head over to the Indigogo website right now.

Source: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/reviving-the-cars-of-the-past-with-3d-printing

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