3D Printed Phone for Visually Disabled and Kids

23 Jul

3D Printed Phone for Visually Disabled and Kids

3D Printed Phone for Visually Disabled and Kids under 9 Years

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Ownfone - an UK based company introduced the words first customizable 3D printed Braille handset to blind people needs more convenience in using mobile phones. They are using 3D printer to build the front and back side of the phone and added customized large buttons doing respective functions. Users can also do the customization in the design patterns such as size, color and pictures.


Eventhough there was many Braille phones invented in the past, This Ownfone is the first company to deliver the device to the consumers. When users points out any design online, Ownfone engineers autoconverts contacts in to Braille format. Those who are partially blind or old aged people who cant read Braille , this company send print textures and buttons with guidance on the keypad.



Ownfone introduced the worlds first custom 3D printer mobile phone in 2012 and they are now produced another phone which is small credit card sized one called 1stfone for 4 to 9 year old Kids.



The new Braille phone will be available for sale for 60 british pounds in UK and it is based on two earlier versions. Australia too release this Ownfone and calls the world’s first 3d printed Brailler Phone following the UK phones launch.



When some users with vision problems orders OwnFone online, they can specify upto three contact names can be converted in Braille format and it is printed on the phone’s keypad buttons using 3D Printer.

Image & Video Credit:OwnFone Mobile

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3D Printed Phone for Visually Disabled and Kids
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