3D Printed Pokeman Go Case

18 Jul

3D Printed Pokeman Go Case

Tired of failing battery on your phones while playing Pokemon Go ? Try this 3D printed case for your Smartphone

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game that sends you out in the real world to find hidden virtual Pokemon. It was launched by Nintento on 6th july 2016, and has already taken the world by storm. The grand success of the app can be measured by just some figures released by Nintendo. Here are some facts that will make you go nuts about Pokemon Go.

Facts about Pokemon go App.

  • Around 5.16 percentages of Android devices in US alone were playing Pokemon Go game by July 8th, 2 days after its release.
  • Pokemon Go Has Added $7.5 Billion to Nintendo's Market Value.
  • BBC reported a guy who left his job to play Pokemon Go Full time.
  • Shayla Wiggins found more than she bargained for when she went hunting for Pokemon near Big Wind River in Fremont County.


The games very addictive and interesting for people who have been following the Pokemon franchise, however what’s more interesting is the amazing use of Augmented Reality that makes this game very special.  On the down side this game drains a lot of battery power from the phones as it used GPS, Mobile data and continuous display to actively play this game. Pokémon Go seems to have been engineered specifically to test the limits of smartphone performance.

There cannot be anything sadder to have found a Pikachu in a park near your office and you have walked a few miles just to realize that the phone’s battery is dead by the time you have reached the park.


It’s a dooms day situation!! But we have a 3D Printed solution for you, The Battery Pack Pokédex. It’s nothing but a 3D Printed case that includes a battery pack to give that extra hours to your phone when you are playing Pokemon Go.

The 3D Printed case can be printed with any color but we strongly suggests you use Red ABS plastic which  gives it the classic Pokédex red feel. Note to make this battery pack you might need some DIY skills as you will have to assemble not just the case but the electronics that operate the battery pack as well.

Download Pokedex 3D Printable Files here.

The files are currently available only for Samsung Galaxy S4, but as the design is opensource you could ealisy modify it to work with any phone. So what are you guys waiting for? let’s get ready for the Pokemon Gym with 3D printed Pokedex.

Image Source: SparkFun

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3D Printed Pokeman Go Case
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