3D Printed Promo of HBO Series Westworld to Grab Attention

23 Sep

3D Printed Promo of HBO Series Westworld to Grab Attention

As millions of fan await the launch of HBO’s series Westworld, UK, the producers gave a glimpse of what to expect from the show by launching a 3D printed promo of its release date. The science fiction series based on the theme of 1973 film of the same name is all about a futuristic theme park that is run solely by AI robots. Written and directed by the renowned author of Jurassic Park, Michael Crichton, the sci-fi series 3D printed release date promo is already grabbing eyeballs within the UK and abroad. The anticipated release date promo has been launched by Sky Atlantic television network in an awesome way utilizing the 3D printing technology.

The short teaser video features a Vitruvian Man emerging from a SLA 3D printer to reveal the release date as October 4th, 2016. This is representative of Westworld’s own “host” manufacturing line as the artificial intelligence beings of the park are based on a 3D model. The part of the theme park’s founder, Dr. Robert Ford is being played by the much loved actor Anthony Hopkins.

3D Printed Date?

Promo Made Using UK’s Largest Stereolithography 3D printer

Sky Atlantic partnered with UK-based 3D printing service provider Hobs Studio that supplied the network with UK’s largest stereolithography 3D printer. As for the technique, the 3D printed model emerging from the printer uses lasers to convert liquid resin into a solid shape. The resultant graphics are a bit edgy and very appealing.

The show promises amazing entertainment with a team of some of the best writers including Jonathan Nolan (of Interstellar and The Dark Knight) fame and Lisa Joy from Burn Notice and Pushing Daisies. The dystopian take on the relationship between humans and technology is likely to appeal to audiences of different age groups. So, while the fans anticipate airing of the show in just a few weeks, we have some time to feast our eyes on the amazing 3D premiere promo of the show.

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3D Printed Promo of HBO Series Westworld to Grab Attention
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