3D Printed props brings Author Patrick Berkhof's novel to life

3D printing technologies have now become a wide spread industry. Researchers and people in ever walks of life are using the 3D printing technology to its fullest. Patrick Berkhof, Dutch author has got this brilliant idea of using 3D printing for his new novel. He is using 3D printed props as a complimentary asset for readers that order the debut fantasy novel in advance. The novels is called Djizary - Het Levende Systeem (Djizary—The Living System).. Early backers will receive a 20 cm 3D printed mechanical staircase used by the characters in the story.

Author Patrick Berkhof's novel

Berkhof is from Netherlands and is author of fantasy literature, inventor and also a well km known designer. His intentions are to become familiar within the printing press with his crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for his debut novel. In order to secure the significant €3,333 the author has decided to used 3D printing for a more interesting and attention seeking launch.He has created a 3D printed model of a set of 'rent stairs' that is an uncommon invention used by the story characters to get over the walls. The 3D printed model is 20 cm tall and takes around 10 hours for printing and finally assembling it.

The models are being created with utmost care and attention with using four types of different PLA filament that gives the model a more realistic and unique look. The steps are printed in wood fill PLA, the motor and piping with copperfill PLA and the remaining with other two colors of standard PLA. The model is a blend of antique Victorian style wooden parts and solid mechanical components are of typical steampunk aesthetic that Berkhof has made an effort to bring life for his debut novel.

Author Patrick Berkhof's novel

The backers of his campaign will get an acknowledgement of their names in the book. Te price of the book is €155 with the 3D printed rent stairs also a donation of €20 will secure an early bird copy of the book. Also there is an extreme luxurious "suitcase" edition package for €500 that will have the backers name made into the name of the street into the story.

Author Patrick Berkhof's novel

With Berkhof being the first instance among authors being influenced by 3D printing and literature, a path that might be followed by any other authors and publishers. Currently Djizary is only available in Dutch with later hopes of English translation. He also hopes to exceed his campaign to further raise funds for his future goals.

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