A dog can finally run through 3D printing

20 Dec

A dog can finally run through 3D printing

The use of 3D printing was known to make prostheses to measure at least cost to humans that they appear also in the animal world. The company 3D Systems thus offered a nice spotlight with a video already seen more than 5 million times, which shows how a dog could run for the first time through printed prostheses.


The dog was born with a congenital malformation that deprived him of the use of its front legs atrophied. An orthopedician specialized in animal prostheses was closer to 3D Systems to design on computer of prostheses specially adapted for the handicap of the dog, and produce them physically.

Of course, the company 3D printers and the material used have nothing to do with the small 3D printers and their rigid plastic that the general public can now have him for a few hundred euros. The printable prosthesis at home is not ready to see the day. But according to the orthopedician that reflects in the video, the use of design CAD and 3D printing allows to go much faster than the traditional design by sculpture, requesting to recreate every time the prosthesis from scratch at each adjustment if necessary.

Image & Video Credit:3D Systems

Chris Joel (Author)

A dog can finally run through 3D printing
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