3D Printed Shoes for Rio 2016 Olympic Medal Winners

18 Aug

3D Printed Shoes for Rio 2016 Olympic Medal Winners

Olympics at Rio 2016 is the current global athlete competition ground that has captured attention and admiration from the whole world. Major sponsors and advertisers swarm to this opportunity, Adidas a well know brand in sports and fashion is not far behind, we've known that they (Adidas) has been giving a bonus to every sponsored athlete competing in the Olympics 2016 held at Rio. If there is a certain sponsored athlete who receives loads of praises from the spectators get an exclusive 3D Printed Pair of Trainers.

The exclusive custom designed 3D Printed shoes take a step further as the midsole is also 3D Printed - it just doesn't make it a selling point, it also means that Adidas can now reduce weight and detracts by detracting a certain amount of stitching and gluing in the shoe which helps in maintaining the natural balance.

These 3D Printed custom shoes are bifurcated by the kind of medal the athlete wins. Gold medal winners will get a set of gold laces and the runners up will get silver or bronze laces that go with their medal to create a co-ordinated look. While the shoes are fully functional, the athletes might well opt to keep them safe as a memento of their incredible achievement in Rio.

3D Printed Shoes?

The idea behind this is for a structured midsole that effectively creates a breathable and cushioned copy of the athlete’s own foot. That will mean that the next generation of trainers will be matched perfectly to the pressure points and contours of your foot.

As Adidas sponsors the German and British teams as well as numerous individual athletes there are a lots of 3D Printed custom shoes that Adidas is more than happy to give away.

These 3D Printed Soles have opened up a new world of opportunities as this technology will hihgly improvise the 3D Printed Shoes to be lightweight and make it look futuristic.

These new merger between Sports and 3D Printing technology opens up new frontiers for the future. As this German company is racing for the lead with its custom 3D Printed shoes which means that 3D scanning, as well as 3D printing, will have to be a part of the process.

The world is waiting to see what the manufacturers will make next with this technology, there may be a million options of shoes, soles and styles for different purposes. It will be a easy as scanning our feet to the exact measurement, then printed and home delivered.

Image Source: Adidas

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3D Printed Shoes for Rio 2016 Olympic Medal Winners
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