3D printed smart glasses from Parsee helps the blind

 While 3D printing has been having its far reaching its far effects on the daily lives of disabled it has now bought a new treat for the blinds. A polish non-profit organization called the Parsee, has recently designed a pair of 3D printed Smart Glasses for the blind and visually impaired people. Presently the technology is a subject of the Indiegog Campaign uses text, face, shape and also color recognition that provides audio information about the object to the wearer via a earphone/earphone.

 As a research says there are around 314 million people around the world are blind or visually impaired.  With the advancements in technologies there are still many times when it many of them have no sight at all and remains one of the biggest setbacks in medical history. In order to ease the lives of the blinds A group of Polish volunteers that together comprise of the non-profit organization Parsee decided to create a free, easily obtainable piece of wearable technology that can most importantly improve the lives of the blind and visually impaired people.

Parsee 3D printed smart glasses

They decided that the Smart 3D printed pair of glasses could function as a resourceful aid for blind people. There are many smart gasses available in the market and come at a very high price, the team of volunteers at Parsee want to make a product that is affordable to many others. Many of them aren’t even specifically designed t improve the sensory experience of blind people and can be used as mobile computers for many of the applications. Various developers of smart glasses have devoted enormous amount of time and efforts in designing and making a tool that is a help for the blind. 

In the process of creating a life changing product The team of volunteers at Parsee created a pair of smart glasses that consists of a 3D printed frame , rechargeable battery, IP camera and a headphone. All that the wearer needs to do is don the frame and hit the photo button, while encountering real-world objects or the sections of the text. The frame then communicates with the mobile device connected to it via a special hotspot. The Hotspot further sends audio information back to the frames in order to identify the text, color, shape and face, etc. Further a video demonstration of the 3D printed smart glasses gives the wearer how to accurately identify the household objects, colors, and extended passages of printed glass.

The ultimate mission of the Parsee organization is to give the 3Dprinted glasses for free, and hence te Indiegogo rewards system stands out among the others. Backers can nominate a blind or visually impaired person for $300 and receive a pair of Persee smart glasses whereas other levels of donations can be given for rewards such as t-shirts worth $50 and can also win a chance to become part of the Parsee Team ($50,000). Bartosz Trzcinski, sales and project manager says, . "It helps the blind and visually impaired in their everyday living like reading newspapers, drinking juice…” All the funds gathered the Parsee will be using these funds to further develop the prototypes prior to mass produce it to distribute if for free.

Parsee 3D printed smart glasses

It has set a goal of $25,000 for the Indiegogo campaign is also dedicated to work with whatever funds it can raise to take the project on its path. Prior to this 3Dprintung has been used to create 3D printed models of scans to guide through many surgeries making prosthetics and also is in process tomake3D implants available. But Parsee seems to have come up with the new product like the smart glasses for the blinds.

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