3D Printed solar powered car Immortus announced by EVX Ventures

Do you know when willthe oil reserves of the world will run out?According to a recent study the proven oil reserve left in the world's major fields, which at present rates of consumption will only be sufficient to last 40 years. The thought of a world with no oil sounds like a scary preposition as all the vehicles we know off today run on some kind of nonrenewable energy source. This makes it highly imperative that we stop developing technologies that are dependent on these oils and focus all our resources in finding a way to develop cars and other transport systems which use renewable source of energy.

3D Printed solar powered car ‘Immortus’ announced by EVX Ventures

What we need to remember here is that we are not talking about car’s that run on conventional electricity source like the ones ‘Tesla’ makes as there is a fundamental flaw with their idea of their clean energy car. It still runs on a source of energy which is still produced by burning coal (Yet another kind of nonrenewable energy source) in most countries. We need a transport system which is self-sufficient and runs on Solar or wind energy.

An Australian company EVX Ventures is working to develop future cars that are self-sufficient and have announced - THE IMMORTUS a limited edition bespoke solar electric sports car with on-board storage capacity. The company website explains “The ability to run on the power of the sun and store the energy for later use make it a car of practically infinite endurance. As long as the sun shines the Immortus lives”. They claim to have made this car on the solar race car technology originally founded by Australia’s Aurora Solar Car Team.

3D Printed solar powered car ‘Immortus’ announced by EVX Ventures

Even though the car is based on the design of a solar race cartechnology, the company claims that IMMORTUS is not a sports car. EVX Ventures has made the car to be a general use car with luggage capacity for daily driving and enough room to seat the passengers comfortably. The company also said that the IMMORTUS is not made using the conventional car assembly methods; rather the car has been designed to be easily assembled with carbon fiber frame, carbon fiber tubing and 3D printed nodes to connect the tubes.

Barry Nguyen, CEO and co-founder of EVX Ventures spoke to media about the specialties of IMMORTUS and said “We’re not trying to be a Tesla!! Tesla is a mass manufacturer of cars; we’re designers of boutique custom electric cars and aftermarket products. There are regulations in the US and Australia that allow for individually constructed vehicles. Essentially what that means is that if you contract a custom car builder with the designs and components, you can build a road legal car without the crash testing and the 5-10 million dollars you’d have to raise to do that. We plan to sell those cars in low volume."

3D Printed solar powered car ‘Immortus’ announced by EVX Ventures

He further added that the company plan is to simplify the manufacturing process as well as reduce the transport costs, which ultimately lowers the total cost to the consumer.

The company plans to sell around 100 of these cars for an estimated cost of $370,000. I agree that the price is a bit too inflated but with the reduction in the cost of 3d printed parts, and the development of 3D printed flexible solar panels we are sure to see a more affordable version of Immortus hitting the market pretty soon.

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