3D Printed Sundial Like Never Seen before

31 Dec

3D Printed Sundial  Like Never Seen before

Calculating time and measuring it has been passion for human kind for a long time. I have always been amazed at the huge Sundials in India and the fact that such a simple device can show perfect time. Even though these non mechanical devices have no moving parts they can be configured to adjusted according to the axis of the earth based on the season of the year and still work with precision . I am sure you would have some time in your life must have seen a Sundial but what I am going to show would blow you away.

3D Printed SunDial?

What is a Sundial ?

A sundial is a clock that uses the position of the Sun to indicate the time. Typically a rod casts a shadow upon a plane or surface. On this surface are found markings that indicate the time by the position of the shadow. There are several types of sundials.

3D Printed SunDial?

A User on thingiverse who goes by the name Mojoptix, has uploaded a mind blowing design of a sundial. His design is a 3d Printed sundial which can display time just like a digital clock. According to the website Mojoptix used OpenSCAD to design a gnomon with many tiny holes. I really admire the hard work and the man hours he would have invested in finding the right hole arrangement, the end result is like no other.

3D Printed SunDial?

When assembled according to instructions the 3D Printed Sundial displays time from 10 am to 4 pm 20 minute increments. You can see this amazing Sundial in action in the video Below.

Mojoptix, has given complete instructions to make this amazing device on the thingiverse website and if you do not have a 3D Printer to make it, it could be purchased from Etsy for $55.