3D printed sunglasses from Scope for design

16 Jun

3D printed sunglasses from Scope for design

I am sure all our readers would have at sometime of their lives sat in an Uber taxi, but have you ever thought that how a small company which has absolutely no taxi’s of their own become one of the biggest public transport company in the world ?

Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution – The age of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies.

Companies like Uber were practically impossible to think off without the use of Internet and our ability to exchange data at lightning speed. Today we are still trying to explore the potentials of the power of data exchange, and 3D printing and its wide spread use - very much relies on this as well.

3D printed sunglasses?

Over the past few years we have seen companies like Shapeways, iMaterialise and 3d hubs to name a few, becomes household names for the ones who know even a little bit about 3d printing. We are sure there are many such companies that are ready to jump into the field of shared resources and change the way we exchange (or buy) every day products.

Scope for design, is one such German company that’s experimenting with the new age business idea we discussed above. Their idea is simple; they have developed an app that allows users to make customized Eyewear.

Once the user inputs his preferences for the eye ware, the data is sent to the company which can then make them on their 3d printers and send it to the vendor or the customers directly. The company has released the API for the app which makes it easy to be integrated with websites, so if you have a high street store or an online portal and if want to sell these customized 3d printed Eyewear to your users, you could just add the app to your website and start business immediately.

3D printed sunglasses?

Scope for design, seems to understand that 3D printing is not easy for everyone, and the 3D Printers used to make such high end products are not cheap to purchase. Instead it gives their users to option to share their resources and expertise - which is using 3d printers and designing products, and lets the users (Shop Owners) focus on their expertise which is marketing and sales. Sound like a WIN WIN situation to me.

The company has also integrated options like 3D printed jewelry, and 3D printed Smartphone cases in the app which gives the users a lot more options than just Eye wear. It would be really interesting to follow the company as a case study for the future entrepreneurs panning their first business ventures.


Image Credit: Powder & Heat

Chris Joel (Author)

3D printed sunglasses from Scope for design
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