3D Printed Titanium Hip Implant

17 Nov

3D Printed Titanium Hip Implant

Germany’s HELIOS Klinikum Hildesheim has changed the life of a 40-year-old Cypriot woman, who was suffering from hip dysplasia. The orthopedic surgeons have made a 3D printed hip implant for this woman whose hip dysplasia had given her immense pain throughout her life.

How Did Surgery Change the Life for Kesidi?

Antzelina Kesidi passed her life in chronic pain. Earlier, she had undergone two major hip surgeries, which unfortunately became unsuccessful. However, at HELIOS Klinikum Hildesheim, the surgeons 3D printed a custom-fit hip implant to end the pain of Kesidi.

It is too early to predict that how Kesidi’s body will react to the 3D printed implant in the long term. However, the early signs including the three-hour operation are truly hopeful. Kesidi said,” When I came to Hildesheim, I could only walk in pain, and with walking aids. Now, for the first time after an operation, I am painless. It feels right.”

What all Problems Did Kesidi Face due to Congenital Hip Dysplasia?

Kesidi was born with congenital hip dysplasia. During her childhood days, she had a problem in her bone. Her hip bone did not properly ossify. Even, her one leg ended up five inches shorter than the other one. The last two surgeries of Kesidi were carried out in Russian and Greece, which did not cause any relief to her hip bone.

How was the 3D Printed Implant created for Kesidi?

The third and last surgery of Kesidi was, fortunately, successful as the 3D printed implant used in her surgery was not any ordinary medical equipment. It was based on several images from a CT scan. CAD software was used by medical staff to create a suitable implant for Kesidi, which can also fit her perfectly. Later, they 3D printed some plastic prototypes to test on the patient. Next, a few modifications were also done on these plastic models. Ultimately, a custom-fit implant was finally 3D printed in titanium.

At the time of creating the 3D printed hip implant, every suggestion was properly implemented to make the device more functional as well as comfortable. For instance, her pelvis bone density was measured digitally to invent the suitable site for attaching the implant. This factor was not taken into consideration during her previous surgeries. Kesidi is now looking forward to a pain-free life with the help of her 3D printed titanium hip implant.

Image Credits : HELIOS Klinikum Hildesheim

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3D Printed Titanium Hip Implant
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