3D Printed titanium pulley wheels for $1000

10 Mar

3D Printed titanium pulley wheels for $1000

3d printing technology has been applied in many industry just because it’s cost effective, well that’s true but not this time. Bicycle race is familiar in the western European countries of France, Spain and many more. Usually the cost of bicycle is high and when comes to its components, they stands way too high.

Professional cycling

Ceramicspeed Company is one of the best in providing ceramic bearings; although their bearings are costly, many in the field of professional bicycling prefers using ceramic bearing for its quality. CeramicSpeed’s founder, Jacob Csizmadia has set many records in the 1980’s. In the year 2000 he was solely responsible for bringing the ceramic bearings in cycling world. As Jacob says, “It is not about being in the race - it's about winning the race! And CeramicSpeed bearings give you a better chance than your competitors!”

To meet the advanced applications in cycling world, Ceramicspeed collaborated with Danish Technological Institute to bring the special pulleys price of $1000 per pair. These special pulleys are almost impossible with other technology that made them to choose 3d printing technology. Overall it took for 4 years for the research team to work on this project. This pulley will help cyclist to drive on road as well off-road. This 3d printed product is printed titanium powder, as the project supervisor said the result of the pulleys is quite amazing. As the production cost is too high they have made 10 pairs of pulleys for now.

3d printed pulley wheel

Eskild Herskind, the project’s supervisor told: ‘the 3D printed pulley wheels passed the tests with flying colors, overtaking the results of standard ones. We are continuously looking to improve our methods to offer the sports industry the best guarantee of a high-end product.’

3d printed hollow pulley

Instead of bringing new bicycle they are aiming to just replace the important and crucial components for high performance. And this they have to say about their innovative pulley to the market.

“We now introduce no less than the world’s most innovative pulley wheel, and we owe it to our belief that modern technology and innovation is what describes us best”

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3D Printed titanium pulley wheels for $1000
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