3D Printed Warhammer 40k Power Fist

27 Jan

3D Printed Warhammer 40k Power Fist

Gary Sterly a graphic designer from Orlando, Florida has seven years of experience in 3d printing as well as digital media. 3d printing is not just meant for Space, engineering, it also famous for fun and innovation. Nothing is impossible with 3d printing. That’s what Garry has proven at times. And this time he made a Warhammer 40K Space Marine costume.

3d printed power fist

Warhamer 40K Space Marine costume is seven feet tall, which is fully made of 3d printing and foam. The costume comes with power fist which is the most challenging and complicated 3d printed part and took hours to design and print.

“Designing everything in 3D was a huge hurdle,” said Sterley. “I am not a 3D modeler. I have been trying to teach myself the software though, and this is the largest and most complicated thing I have ever designed.”

To create this design, he first draws in a notebook, and converted into 3d modeling using CAD software, although he didn’t have any experience with 3d modelling as he used to download .stl files from online, he successfully managed to 3d model the power fist to print.


The test with the power fist was not successful as the joints were too heavy to move so Garry decided to make four fingers instead of three fingers using ABS plastic which will be light weighted. It took almost two days to print the whole parts of fingers. Other than the Power Fist all the other other parts were assembled using painted foam as there are no joints for these parts.

power fist

“While this was only one piece in a larger project, it was by far the most complicated, and time consuming thing I have built to date,” told Sterley.

You can download the Power Fist .STL files in Etsy website.

Image Source:Gunook.com

Chris Joel (Author)

3D Printed Warhammer 40k Power Fist
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