3D printed Wheelchair Helps a Kitten Walk Again

02 Oct

3D printed Wheelchair Helps a Kitten Walk Again

A Dogs house is called a kennel, so what’s a Cats house is called?

Don’t Google it, because it’s called the Internet!!

Cats literally rule world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , YouTube and every other social networking site you can think of. If my perception of Cats being the most loved animal of the internet is correct, then this post is certainly destined to become viral.

3D printed Wheelchair for Kitten?

Today we are going to tell you about a Kitten name Cassidy who was rescued in dire condition from rural residence in Langley, British Columbia. The Black and White cat had E Coli virus infection in his back leg stumps and it was extremely thin and his chances of survival were pretty thin

The Kitten was sent to Tiny Kittens Society, a not for profit organization, that takes care of the foster and abandoned Kittens in the area. They also operates a spaying and neutering program for feral cats, offers education on proper pet-ownership, and they also operate a 24/7 live webcam which shows kittens and cats all day long.

Cassidy, proved to be a tough cat and it somehow survived the ordeal and recovered within 9 weeks but all the care and medical help could not get the cat to move again, Shelley Roche the owner of Tiny Kittens Society said “He managed to survive somehow for nine weeks, until we found him. He actually had learned how to lift his little bum off the ground and walk like a reverse velociraptor.” She added that Cassidy was “trapped in this little body that wasn’t working.”

3D printed Wheelchair for Kitten?

Shelley, decided to help the poor thing and made a makeshift sling that could support the back and lower body of Cassidy and help her move, but that did not help. So she decided to get help from the world community by posting the details of Cassidy’s problem on her website. The help arrived immediately from two students from high school students from Walnut Grove Secondary School.

Josh Messmer and Isaiah Walker decided to do something for Cassidy after seeing the plea for help on the website. They decided to make a customized device that would allow him to move again, they turned to 3D printing to make this device. After a few failed attempts they were successful in making a 3D printed Wheelchair that allows Cassidy to move again.

3D printed Wheelchair for Kitten?

Watching Cassidy move again with the help 3D printed Wheelchair was like a divine experience for Shelley she added “He just is so much happier and having the freedom to be able to move is something he’s never had before,”

Handicapped Pets Canada donated the final 3d printed wheelchair which Cassidy uses now, they are also committed to make iterations to the design of the wheelchair when the kitten grows older. Cassidy with her 3D printed Wheelchair has now become an online super star with a dedicated 24/7 live Stream and Hashtag #Miraclekitten.

Image Credits:Tiny kittens

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3D printed Wheelchair Helps a Kitten Walk Again
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