3D printer helps designer to get ball-jointed dolls

01 Jan

3D printer helps designer to get ball-jointed dolls

For some decades 3d printer has been seeing growth gradually and the main reason is because of designers and engineers, who just take prints of their outlet, design, ideas, etc. But a few years before 90 percentages of 3d printer was used for making prints which were solid non moving objects which can be kept showcase and very few people printed parts like screws nuts and other parts for potential purposes. As days progress additive manufacturing has seen various considerable improvements.

Printing from flexible plastic print to a metal printing everything available in our technology and it has become a great advantage for designers thus improvising all their design, innovation in 3dprinting technology. A designer from Sonia Verdu has come with dolls that can move, bend, more over like a robot, but before getting this doll in 3d printer just like any other designers she created dolls using polymer clay.

3d printed doll

She later decided to get this doll using a 3d printer so first of all she made sure to check with cad design since the doll needs flexible joints so that it can be able to move and look like a robot. Though the prints where up to the level of the polymer clay model, it has come up well enough, after printing all the prints Sonia assembled using elastic fiber to join them. Sonia has given dolls files to thingiverse, and selling pre made dolls in Etsy website.

Image & Video Credit:Sonia Verdu&youtube

Chris Joel (Author)

3D printer helps designer to get ball-jointed dolls
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