3D Printer In War Zone?

09 Jan

3D Printer In War Zone?

China a biggest country in the world is well known for its electronics items, accessories, plastic, machinery and many more, but not many would have known much about their strong military force they have. Both navy force and air force are one of the strongest force in the world for china. Since 2001 china is working on implementing 3d printers in a military zone. Soon 3d printer will play a crucial role in repairing and replacing parts in warships as well in air force jets. China who forecasted well about 3d printers have started to apply additive manufacturing in everywhere possibly they could use.

3d printers in warship

China revealed that they have been using 3d printers for repairing tools, and broken parts in ships, thus making sure not to carry accessories and replacements for broken parts. 3d printing made that easy for hard working military engineers. Army officials have already impressed with 3d printing technology as they suggested to use it for armed forces support system.

3d prints in army

Jets like J-15, J-16 and J-31 has influenced 3d printing that was used for repairing flight damages said Sun Cong who designed J-15 jet, even passenger plane C-919 from china has used 3d printing for the purpose of design. Chinese media have published that china navy force used 3d printer to repair transmission gear that’s not the end, even last week the Harbin 052D has used 3d printer in the mid of sea while having a training session. But the fact is that it has been used for training session not in the real war zone, Whatever 3d printer has the ability to perform anywhere, whether it is in training zone or in a war zone. This could well be a start for 3dprinting in a war zone.

Image Source:China Navy

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3D Printer In War Zone?
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