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At the first Lenovo Tech World Conference in Beijing held on May 28th 2015 the Chinese consumer electronic company revealed a news that they will become the first top line of Chinese brands entering the consumer 3D printing market. Since then 11 months have passes and Lenovo has proved what it had said. Recently at a event in Beijing Lenovo value has launched the first line of their very own XiaoXin L20 smart 3D printers aimed at consumers.

The question arises why a laptop, smartphones and tablet manufacturer is planning to enter a consumer 3D printing market. The market being much smaller than that of Lenovo’s actual target audience. Rather the Lenovo’s 3D printing business manager Mu Zhen describes that 3D printing is increasingly become a big business essential in China and is expected to further expand. According to him, Chinese 3D printing market is turned out to be the third largest market in the world. The market caters 13 % of the international market’s revenue and 8% of all the market sales. Further a 100% growth speed is expected in the coming years with the strong backup from the Chinese government. The manager also said that it will soon become the main flashpoint in the Chinese economy.

3D printer Lenovo

With this strategy Lenovo might be the first top line brand to enter the market and most probably will not be the last one. At the first conference Lenovo displayed many da Vinci printers by their Chinese partners XYZ printing and have been successful in learning the consumer models while developing the XiaoXin L20 3D printer.

As a starter the printer looks good enough for the consumer model. It features amazing smooth, Apple like panels with metallic silver colored frames, where the entire structure of the printer is made with aluminum. The printer weighs around 8.8 kg, and is a open design that allows users to closely monitor the 3D printing process and change materials easily when required and more importantly ensures user safety.

With no exact specification yet revealed Lenovo has already highlighted the 3D printers selling point like the smart and user friendly 3D printing. With the old set of desktop 3D printers demand more of manual work in terms of calibration and leveling, the new generation XiaoXin L20 3D printer from Lenovo has a intelligent automatic leveling option. The Smart module also generates automatic corrections that are possible while printing to get accurate results. It also features a high level temperature control for systematic printing.

3D printer Lenovo

The user friendly 3D printer further prints with a wide variety of materials including the polylactic acid, flexible rubber, wax, wood and rubber along with other common filaments without users being bothered for the 3D printable materials. The XiaoXin L20 3D printer most significantly is one that is easy to set up and install, giving email notifications keeping the users informed with the printing status, power protection and the state of pause and resume orders. They will also be linking the XiaoXin L20 3D printer with the cloud based online public 3D printing service intended to form a Closed Loop inorder to provide complete customer service assistance.  Their newly assembled XiaoXin L20 3D printer seems to match the company’s ambition to establish a leading position on China’s extremely competitive market place. Soon there will be more interesting and remarkable facts revealed  about the new product from Lenovo.

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