3D printer market in India could reach $79 million by 2021

07 Apr

3D printer market in India could reach $79 million by 2021

6wresearch is a market intelligence company, whom provide give industry exploration reports and counseling administration crosswise over diverse businesses and topographies which give industry players a top to bottom scope and help them in decision-making, they simply give advice and suggestion which are best for business. The 6w in their brand name are the implementation of what, where, when, whom, why and how in the research is the secret of their success for a couple of years.

j group robotics

Recently they conducted research on future of 3d printer market in India and it is expected to be $79 million turnover in next 6 years. Indian companies such as 3DING, J GROUP ROBOTICS, BRAHMA 3D and many more could taste huge profits. They carry out their 6wresearch over the technologies in FDM, SLS, SLA, MJM and in applications such as military, medical field, gadgets, car, mechanical, aviation, instructive and engineering in the private, and many more.

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Up to the present consumers from India mostly preferring to order 3d printers from China, US, but things will change and people from India will order 3d printers from Indian manufacturers which will boost the sales, says the report. The Indian 3d printers price range starts from $349, Yes! FabX full assembled 3d printer from 3DING is available for $349 and with more 3d printer companies in the future will make it more affordable.

FabX 3d printer

Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) 3d printers has a healthy market in India, while the automotive applications will play a key role in the growth of the 3d printer market, followed by other applications such as, medical, aerospace, military, architect, design. And big guns such as Stratasys, 3D Systems and Optomec are likely to elaborate their market in India by means of collaboration and partnership, says the report.

Although the growth of the 3d printer market is slow in India comparing to China and US, It looks steady and promising.

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3D printer market in India could reach $79 million by 2021
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