3D Printer Program for High School by Jason B. Hilbun

We have seen many Kickstarter campaigns for 3d printers before, but 3D Printer Program for High School is something new and never seen before. 3d printing is the best technology that each and every student must learn to improve their skill level in creating extraordinary objects using 3d printers.

3d printer for schools

Jason B. Hilbun who runs this project have over 15 years of experience in mechanical machine designing and moreover has vast and in-depth knowledge in 3d printing. Reaching out to students is a great idea from Jason, where we can get more and more new fresh innovations from high school students. Jason is certainly driving in the right direction and hopefully Schools will surely take this wonderful opportunity to bring their students up in their life.

Kit will include a 3D printer, materials, and a curriculum which is far more enough for newbie’s to learn.

“Our goal is to bring the 3D printing element in at the High School level. A kit would be available, including a real 3D printer ready to run, software to run and set-up the 3D printer, and a full curriculum of activities based on the 3D printed items.”

Taking this opportunity we would like to announce that we will sell this amazing complete 3d printing element soon in our store targeting students.

For more information and to back up this project, visit the following link https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/415070184/3d-printer-program-for-high-school

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