3D Printer Sales will increase to more than billion by 2018

09 Jul

3D Printer Sales will increase to more than billion by 2018

The evolution of 3D printing companies from the two dimensional printing likely to increase since it is very easier to adopt the technology.

There will be an estimation report states that the sales of 3D printers and its accessories are going to hike 75 million dollar in this year and it reaches more than a billion in 2018.

Lulzbot Taz 3d printer

The report from juniper research titled “consumer 3d printing and scanning” revealed that many of the current desktop two dimensional printing companies such as Canon, HP, Epson etc are likely to storm in to the 3d printing industry. They will make an entry to the 3d industry with very good combination of hardware, software, mobile apps and other widgets/ gadgets to attract the customers to purchase more from them.

To move the 3d printing technology to the next level and increase its sales, it needs to be developed by more upgrades with user friendly applications to drive the hardware. More consumer friendly features will be added advantage for selling more 3d printers in future.

Well there is no much cost involved to ship a consumer personal 3d printer to the most popular countries in the world, there should be an opportunity to increase sales in the next five year time frame. Most of the popular 3d printer suppliers agrees that there is very great market for the personal cheap affordable 3d printers and accessories.

The US and Europe countries are selling personal consumer 3d printers more than the other countries. Most of the consumers are hobbyists, engineers and tech enthusiasts are residing in US and Europe regions makes the difference.

Many retail show rooms showcases 3d printers in US and Europe countries to provide an opportunity to consumers to test the demo of the 3d printers without the need to buy them. 3D printer hubs are the concept where the owner of 3d printer rent his 3d printer to the users to print some objects of the consumer’s requirements. This is going to be widely popular in future as 3d printer helps to increase the monthly revenue of users too.

3d printer hubs

There are lot of efforts to be taken for making 3d printers are more user friendly, accessible and available to all classes of users. Recently the popular CAD software and hardware supplier Autodesk announced his hardware and spark software to available as free and open source. You can see the 3d printers will occupy every houses just like our current household items in the developed nations which led us the economical growth.

Industrial printers are largely contributed to the total sales of all 3d printer since they are cost about $10000 to $1 million dollars but we should accept that the consumer personal 3d printers which costs about few hundred dollars are contributed to the growth of this technology by selling large amount of quantities gradually increased in every month depends upon the market requirement.

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3D Printer Sales will increase to more than billion by 2018
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