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18 Mar

3D Printer Store Germany

3D printers becoming cheaper

3D printing for domestic and for professional use: What a couple of years ago sounded like science fiction, is a reality today. Even food printing, which we have previously known only from Star Trek, is now possible.

They even do not cost a great deal of money. Good printers for home use are already available for a few hundred dollars, for example XYZprinting’s Vinci 1.0. And also prices for 3D printers for professional use start at roughly $1,000 like the 3D printer models Wanhao Duplicator Mini 5S or PP3DP UP! Plus 2.

Test winning 3D printer

Those who want even more quality should try the current model of Ultimaker 2, which is also the winner in several tests of 3D printers. Therefore the price here is about $2,000, which is still pretty low for professional use.

Our German partner "3D Printer Online" provides the aforementioned 3D printers for the German market.

Source: www.3d-drucker-online.com

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3D Printer Store Germany
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