3D printer turns mops and brooms into battlemops and warbrooms

23 Mar

3D printer turns mops and brooms into battlemops and warbrooms

There are people who try and work hard to bring revolution with their innovations and make the world love it. Now there are people who have actually used 3D printer to print their innovative ideas, as we all know 3D printing has given wings to such designers because of its cheap production cost. There are people who use 3D printing just for fun and produce some entertaining and amazing things which can just forcefully stop someone and say ‘WOW’ because of its attractive looks.

Battle mops

The latter is certainly the case for a recent project is to take ordinary, boring brooms and mops and turn them into something extraordinary. Until now these designers have come up with five creative brooms and mop toppers. Out of the five designs mentioned below, four of them were designed by Marco Antonio Perez Morata .


steelwarhammer battlemop

The Steel Warhammer, created by Morata, is a weapon from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is a two-handed weapon that can be forged by the player. This Steel Warhammer is part of an arsenal of weapons that will be available from My Mini Factory for you to transform your mops and brooms into weapons of kitchen warfare. It can be assembled without the help of any glue, it consists a special feature called special slot system that holds the pieces together. It takes around 19-30 for printing it and consumes almost 350 grams of the filament.


battlemops saurons

It is also designed by Morata and he suggests the same setting as above, and it can also be assembled by the unique ‘tight fitting slot system’ setting. It takes around 28-33 hours to print. Sauron's Mace is first seen in The Fellowship of The Ring when it shows the The Battle of Dagorlad when Sauron is carving his way through the ranks of elves and men.


battlemops zasalamel

This battlemop is from the popular fighting game Soul Calibur, where its owner, Zasalamel is a playable character. He was introduced in the fourth installment of the series and was a man of no allegiance but to himself. It was also designed and decorated by Morata This huge piece takes an incredible 150 hours to print out and measures 1040 x 697 x 105 mm. It also requires an astounding 1638 grams of the filament .



With two sharp blades surrounding a lethal looking spear. It is also designed by Morata, this axe is suggested to print with an infill of 10% and a layer height of 0.2mm. It uses about 411 grams of filament and print in just under 35 hours.


Gimbli battlemop

This BattleMop is designed by a man named Oleg Khmarnyi, modeled after Gimli’s weapon from The Lord of the Rings movies. Khmarnyi recommends printing it with a 10% infill at 0.2mm layer height. It uses almost an entire spool of filament to print, as it requires approximately 860 grams. It takes about 60 hours to print.

Wouldn’t be surprised to see someone making the Broomsticks they used for the Quidditch matches in the Harry Potter series, what you think?

Image Source:3dhoo.com

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3D printer turns mops and brooms into battlemops and warbrooms
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