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I have had this printer for a long now. Yes, I faced a lot of issues while I was assembling this pri.. ...»
Carmen D. Childs
The printer is a great machine I must say and it has helped me in lot of my major projects in recent.. ...»
Tara D. Porter
Afinibot is a sensible investment! I loved the CNC mechanism. It offers fluent feeding and .. ...»
E Hê
One thing which impressed me about this printer is its sturdy metal frame. When the printer arrived .. ...»
Brenda W. Ponce
My previous printer was as good as Afinibot. The only problem was that I had to switch the .. ...»
Elizabeth S. Newberry
Bulky and Complex The so-called simple lev.. ...»
Bryan E. Thomas
Assembling the printer was easy but fixing z-axis in particular was very difficult task. I seriously.. ...»
An advanced printer! It is an excellent choice if you want to perform all the tasks from assembling .. ...»
My friend recommended the printer to me and I was so impressed with its advanced features that I ord.. ...»
I like the printer because of its huge build-up area and assembling the printer is easy too. I alrea.. ...»



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$650 USD
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