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Awesome 3D printer value. Works great, easy to use, an ideal entry level 3D printer... ...»
Teddy Striker
Mine works great, decent print quality and it is relatively fast. Great budget printer. .. ...»
Carolanne Hehir
This printer is Awesome and the best is that it comes pre-assembled at the cost of a kit. I have a l.. ...»
This printer was very impressive. It took all of 5 minutes to set it up. Pop in the provided SD card.. ...»
Perfect 3D printing experience I was look.. ...»
Tina Crawford
Simple affordable printer The 3D printer .. ...»
Ben Marshall
This printer is so amazing I would've gave It 5 stars but a clip for the hose and printer w.. ...»
Mugen Power
I've had this printer for about one month now and am quite used to working with it. It is e.. ...»
Schmidt Sullivan
The quality of the print with the BlueFrog Planner is very good. One of the best things abo.. ...»
Rick Moss
It’s the best pre-assembled delta printer there is available in the market. I am not good w.. ...»
Jim Coogan

Blue Frog

Blue Frog

BlueFrog 3D Printing Co., Ltd. was founded in early 2013. We are one of the earliest companies selling 3D printing machines, 3D printing products and providing relevant services to customers in multiple industries.

BlueFrog devotes to research and develop the 3D printing technique and its equipment. We have the manufacture and R&D center of 1000 square meters. Our R&D team is composed by the experienced experts with innovative ideas. The independent R&D series products of BlueFrog 3D printer are steady in high quality, easy operating and with competitive price for companies, studios, schools and personal. They are also widely applied to architecture, design, entertainment, education, and manufacture.

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