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I ordered this printer only because it is a fully assembled metal frame 3D printer which kept me awa.. ...»
Lisa T. Crump
This printer is great! Very easy to use plug and play. prints efficiently and quickly with high leve.. ...»
Lawrence A.
I wanted a 3D printer which can offer me years of service as I do not want to spend a lot on buying .. ...»
Laura R. Mullen
I ordered this this 3D printer on a Saturday and got it on Friday (6 days later). I had e.. ...»
Gary Hongista
As an engineer, certainly I need to create models or prototypes of new parts or products. O.. ...»
Linda G. Bakos
The printer arrived 3 months ago and I was excited to assemble it on my own and use it for .. ...»
Michael G. Tabor
I am a hobbyist and I love to experiment with new projects and technologies. I have heard a.. ...»
Steve L. Lennon
I am an artist. This versatile 3D printer helps me to explore the creative potential of fab.. ...»
Gail M. Brown
Assembling the printer was easy but fixing z-axis in particular was very difficult task. I seriously.. ...»
An advanced printer! It is an excellent choice if you want to perform all the tasks from assembling .. ...»

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