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9 reviews   Rating: 4/5.
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Let your ideas become reality with the FELIX 3.1 3D printer. The FELIX 3.1 has a large build volume and prints fast and accurate but is still affordable. The FELIX 3.1 is the latest version of the FELIX 3D printer and comes with the latest developments such as improved stiffness of the extruder frame, easy calibration for hot-ends dual head, one-time print bed calibration and a one-year license for FELIXbuilder 3D print software. The FELIX 3.1 really is the best 3D printer of its kind in its segment!

felix 3d printer
felix 3d printer

The FELIX 3.1 has a large build volume and prints fast and accurate but is still affordable. The FELIX 3.1 is the latest version of the FELIX 3D printer and comes with the latest developments such as improved stiffness of the extruder frame, easy calibration for hot-ends dual head, one-time print bed calibration and a one-year license for FELIXbuilder 3D print software. The FELIX 3.1 really is the best 3D printer of its kind in its segment! The FELIX 3.1 is also available as an assembled printer.

Lead Time: 1 to 2 Business days

  • Print anything in 3D with amazing details, print quality ranging from 50 micron up to 250 micron.
  • Benefit from the latest technology, modular design, enabling users to install upgrades.
  • Available in Single and Dual, print with different colours or materials in one single print.
  • Print with almost everything, print with any kind of 1.75mm filament you like.
  • It is more than a 3D printer, benefit from professional customer service and an active user community.
  • Including one-year license for FELIXbuilder, use the software specially designed for FELIX to operate your felix with full control.


felix 3d printer


Print anything in 3D with amazing details:

Watch and see detailed prints being created on the large 255x205x225mm print bed with high accuracy! Due to the use of industrial components the FELIX 3.1 is a solid, stable and accurate machine. The solid structure and the high quality components enable the FELIX 3.1 to print objects in high quality (0.05mm) with perfect accuracy.

Benefit from the latest technology:

Due to the fast development of 3D printers, today’s technology can be old tomorrow. For that reason the FELIX is based on a modular design, making it possible to easily replace specific parts of the 3D printer. Official FELIXprinter upgrades are released regularly so our users can benefit from the latest technology.

Also from an economical point of view the modular design of the FELIX 3.1 truly shows it advantages: instead of buying a new 3D printer, users are able to simply install the latest upgrade onto their FELIX.

Available in Single and Dual:

The FELIX 3.1 is available as a Single and as a Dual. The Dual comes with two hot-ends, making it possible to print with two different materials and in different colors. Printing with a Dual is especially interesting for creating colorful prints or to print objects with water-soluble support material.

Print with almost everything:

A FELIXprinter is capable of working with many kinds of filament. The print settings of the FELIX 3.1 can be fully adjusted to meet the requirements of the used filament. A FELIXprinter offers you the freedom to work and experiment with any kind of material! A large selection of high quality filaments is available in the FELIXprinters webshop. Available filaments include: PLA, ABS, PETG, FLEX, Wood, Glass and PVA (Water-soluble)

It is more than a 3D printer:

At FELIXprinters, we understand a good product is more than a good working machine. Therefore professionally trained staff is always available for any kind of technical or customer support. A highly detailed FAQ is available and also the active FELIX community is willing to answer all your questions about the FELIX or 3D printing!

Including one-year license for FELIXbuilder:

The FELIX 3.1 is the first FELIXprinter that comes with a one-year license for FELIXbuilder 3D print software. FELIXbuilder is the official software customized for FELIXprinters to process, adjust and slice digital, printable objects to print with the best possible outcomes on a FELIX 3D printer. FELIXbuilder has an intuitive workflow but without loosing any manual control features.

Technical Specifications:

felix 3d printer



Watch more videos here: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=felix+3d+printer

View More print samples taken from Felix 3d printers. https://www.flickr.com/photos/3dprintersonlinestore/sets/72157646001797048/

felix pro 1

Technical Specifications
Print size ( X Y Z ) 255 x 205 x 225 mm
The Layer Thickness Minimum 0.05 mm
Layer Resolution 50 to 250 microns
Chassis Extruded aluminum frame parts
Filament Compatibility PLA, PET (G), Wood, Arnitel, T-glase, NinjaFlex, HIPS, ABS, Laybrick, PVA and Nylon
Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
Nozzle Diameter 0.35 mm
Print Speed 150 mm/sec
Print Plate Size 300 x 300mm
Print Plate (Build Platform) Aluminum Heated Bed
AC Input 110-240V, automatically adjusting powersupply
Extruder Type Direct drive
No.of Extruders Two
Print Head/Hotend/Nozzle Type Designed by FELIX
Power Requirements 250 W
Connectivity (Interface) USB, MicroSD card reader
Electronics FELIXprinters electronics
Operational Environment (recommended) Max 40 degrees C
3D printing Software FELIXbuilder
CAD Input data file format supported stl
Client Operating System Windows/MAC/Linux
Print in dual color Yes
Print in multi color No
Machine Dimensions 400 x 400 x 520 mm
Shipping box dimensions 500 x 500 x 500
Machine weight 9 Kg
Shipping box weight 13 Kg
Lead time 1 to 2 Business days
Shipping Location Netherlands
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year
| 9 reviews
A good quality printer which works great every time I use it. The HD printing in both PLA and ABS filament is very impressive and precise. I get exactly what I want to print and that also in high resolution. The two printing methods that is USB Print or SD card are really effective and save a lot of time. With high printing speed I print as much as I wish to within a day and the printer does not get heat up rather gets immediately ready for the next print out. Highly recommended!
| 9 reviews
I like this printer a lot. It is a high quality printer and was delivered before the expected time. I ordered it for my daughter who is involved a lot into DIY projects. I thought this printer will boost her confidence and I was right. She is very happy to have it and print a lot of different things every day. She told me the only complaint which is she is that the printer’s speed gets slow at times especially when she print for many hours. but otherwise she is very happy with the printer. I just noticed that HD printing in PLA is poorer than in ABS.
| 9 reviews
The Felix 3.1 High speed printer is expensive as compare to other printers online. The parts which got delivered along with the printer are of good quality and are able to make the printer a strong, durable machine. The printing quality which the printer offers is below average and at times the models which I print are not clearly visible and are unrecognizable. Average printer, I give 3 star
| 9 reviews
Great machine ... needed a second printer to run alongside our MakerBot2X ... selected Felix 3d printer based on price and user feedback ... setup / assembly was easy and unlike the MakerBot2X, the dual print heads ran properly right out of the box ... print exclusively with ABS and again, unlike MakerBot2X, adhesion to the heated build plate is great, no corner curl not lift, and that's with the plate temp at 110 degrees, MakerBot2X required 125 degrees ... have been able to print ABS without needing a raft ... only negative is in the absolute accuracy ... parts have to be scaled 105% to be accurate ... have not yet tried to recalibrate ... no need yet ... easier to just scale the build ... have recommended this printer to one of our clients who's looking to bring 3D printing inhouse ...
| 9 reviews
I have had the felix 3 printer for around a year now, it is a very solid machine and does everything you need it to. A bit pricier then other options but I personally think it was worth it.

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